Pierre-Louis Dagues

Epita - Paris

I am a french computer science engineer student learning mostly Web technologies and low level languages.

I am currently in 4th year out of 5 to complete my scholarship and I am looking for an internship during 6 months starting on January 2017.


I am a assistant (teacher) for third year student to learn them:

  • C (4 months)
  • C++ (5 months)
  • Java
  • SQL
Internship at MakeMeReach (4 month)

I have done an intership during my 4th year at MakeMeReach developping a plateform in HackLang, Angular and MongoDB.

  • HackLang and PHP : Preferred language, I love to use HackLang or PHP in most of my projects.
  • Javascript (ES6) or CoffeeScript : I love Javascript and the coffeescript syntax sugar.
  • Java: A tool to develop solid applications but I find the language not very attractive.
  • C++ and C : Very powerful languages but I do not use them very much in my MTI projects.

Back End
  • Laravel 5.1/5.2: My favorite framework, very fast, intuitive and easy to master.
  • Symfony 2: Learnt during my internship, a powerful backend.
  • Node: Not my main choice, I do not really like it but it is really useful to make small projects.
  • OpulencePHP: This website is developed using OpulencePHP. I really like the structure of the framework.
Front End
  • AngularJS 1.*: Very powerful and fast to develop, I love creating WebSite with it.
  • React: I just started to learn React but I did not have time to make a project with it.
Laravel (PHP 7) Library / Personal

A helper library to be able to do URL routing on PHP websocket connections. It is based on a JSON format and handles Routes as in Laravel.

The library handles controller namespaces, url prefixes and middleware registrations. It handles easily JWT tokens as a middleware for auth for example.

CoffeeScript / Personal

Implementation of the TigerCompiler in CoffeeScript All the grammar is written with Jison, and the classes are written in Coffee.

The project is currently written until TC5 which means that all the lexing, parsing, AST generation, binding and type-checking is done.

PHP7 - CoffeeScript - Laravel 5.1 (MongoDB, Redis...) / MTI

LumHue is my PLIC MTI Project which means that is last for 8 months on a subject which was "the cloud".

The main idea of LumHue is to develop a tool that manage HueLights on a Web / Android / iOs Apps

We implemented a voice and textual control with LUIS web application and have a 3D visualizer of the client's flat.

PHP7 - Laravel 5.2 / MTI

OverSquad is a PHP Project intended to match OverWatch players in rooms. It is built with Laravel 5.1 and Ratchet as a WebSocket server.

The player can join room, leave, and everything is updated instantly thanks to websockets front and client side.

C# - WCF - ASP / MTI

LBCFUBL stands for "Les bons comptes font un bon lab". It is an intranet which is intended to manage the assistants laboratory resources like snacks, cans and so on.

LBCFUBL allows the user to buy things, have an overview on its purchases, its accounts... It has a role handling, which means that some features are hidden and unhautorized to some users.

PHP - OpulencePHP / Personal

This website. It is only a test for the framework OpulencePHP revealed by the reddit community.

Please see also my shell presentation in JS here.